Is It Me?

Is it me, or is anything that’s currently going on real?

Is it me, or does reality seem more like a nightmare from which we can’t wake up rather than something we dream of while asleep?

Is it me, or are we existing rather than living out our dreams?

Is it me, or are these times making us appreciate what truly matters in life?

Is it me, or are we living like zombies on autopilot bogged down by unnecessary stressors?

Is it me, or do we feel more alone and lonely than ever?

Is it me, or do people look at you as if you’re crazy if you try and talk about a concept that is foreign to them?

Is it me, or are we all mad to some degree in an institution we can’t escape from because we’re constantly being experimented on by the powers that be?

Is it me, or are we all lost and trying to find a place in this world?

Is it me, or does it feel like the days are merging together?

Is it me, or does time seem to be flying by more quickly?

Thoughts on Inspiration Part Two

Lately the urge to do nothing but create has grown stronger, but I don’t mind this one bit. I figured that, if I really am serious about this writing business, then there is no time like the present to start doing what I’ve always wanted to do. Of course, while I have tried writing a book in the past, what ideas I had were soon scrapped and I didn’t officially start till this year, the reason for this being deep reflections on what I wanted to do in my life.

Self-doubt is a roadblock to creativity. I know this from experience and I’m sure many of you out there do as well. I used to wonder if what I wrote was any good or if people would read what I composed, but now I don’t dwell or think about these things and it helps. The more you do something, the easier it becomes and you start to believe in yourself. Perhaps this is what it means to be authentic… to go boldly forth and to express what your heart yearns to say without wondering or worrying about how it will be received.

I’ve definitely started to live by this in my own life and am quite content with accepting and embracing what lies at the core of my being: being a creative soul. Maybe this current time we’re experiencing as a human race on the spiritual/psychological levels is the inspiration I need for my imagination to take flight and to live out my dream.

I certainly have no intention of stopping.

I appreciate each and every one of you; you are definitely helping me make this aspiration become a reality. I am and will be forever grateful for the support and encouragement your feedback provides.

Autumn Acrostic

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.

A: abundant colors

U: upon the world

T: turning trees into gold

U: underlying change

M: moonlit nights when dryads dance

N: never disappointing in its majesty

Lines Composed After Sitting Outside

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.

Crisp is the air

As I sit in my chair

Absorbing the silence all around

Blowing wind is the only sound

Breathing slowly and drifting

Time seems to be shifting

Floating as if on a cloud

All the noise that was loud

Is not heard here

Birdsong becomes more clear

I fall into a light doze

A moment of repose

Focusing with deep concentration

On the object of the meditation

Where I listen to the flow

Of my thoughts as they go

Quieting the mind

I try to find

The voice speaking to my heart

Reminding me of my part

For what I am here to do

A path straight and true

One I must travel alone

Toward the mysterious and unknown

Thoughts on Current Events


I used to buy into the narratives of climate change, gun control, and the so-called wars and had no idea that many of these situations were put forth by the very power structure who claimed to have a solution for these “problems” until I began this process of what can be termed “awakening”. To me, the media presents an alternative reality where many of these things exist but, if you’re not someone who gets sucked into that mind control, you don’t see them on a daily basis. As I’ve said, nothing is as it appears or seems; the fact of the matter is that those who manage the media control what they want us to see to keep us oblivious to what is really happening beneath the surface. This does not mean I think the world is sunshine and rainbows or that I live in la-la-land because I am aware of what’s going on and how these narratives push and ramp up the fear. The way I see it, at least in my mind, many of these stories are false flags, orchestrated, propaganda, psychological operations, and sensationalized.


Where am I going with this? I think it’s safe to say that we are in a war on the spiritual, psychological, and information levels; in truth, we’ve always been in an information/psychological war, but now it’s even more apparent due to the emergence of the Internet. You really do have to question everything now, especially since we’re in times where you have to be alert. Because there’s so much out there, it’s hard to even know what’s real anymore because the line between truth and fiction is blurred.


We can all agree these times are certainly testing our patience and resilience; I have personally resolved to keep myself occupied so as not to think too much because there is a lot out there and it is overwhelming.

May you all have a peaceful night or day depending on where you are in the world. I know it’s hard, but stay strong and do your best not to give into fear; I do believe brighter days are ahead.

Music Acrostic

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.

M: motivating

U: universal

S: strategically orchestrated

I: ingenious

C: constantly with me

For your enjoyment, here’s Beethoven’s sixth symphony. May it uplift your spirit and fill your heart with joy.

Thoughts on Writer’s Block

Inspiration is never lacking if you know where to look.


When it comes to writing or creating through any other medium, sometimes the well of inspiration is dry and often needs a few days to be replenished; this is when the visitor known as writer’s block comes to call. I used to not like her visits but, like with all things, perceptions change over time if you keep an open mind.


I personally find it easier to communicate my ideas through writing because it allows me to carefully consider and structure my thoughts while setting them down, but this was something I learned through practice; speaking, on the other hand, is more difficult for me because thoughts are funny that way. While thinking appears simple, putting these jumbled introspections together is much harder in words because speech and language can only express things to a certain extent. Perhaps that is why, when writer’s block comes knocking, I now allow admittance and no longer turn her away because she has taught me an important lesson: not to overthink or let things be forced.


Like the flowing streams and rivers whose water is on a continuous path that never stops, the words I write also flow with ease when I have allowed them to percolate for a few days. I find that, the more I sit with them and arrange them into comprehensible sentences, the better the final product looks. I can attest to this and have applied it to everything I now compose whether it be a blog post, fanfiction piece, or my own book.


As always, I wish you all a peaceful night or day depending on where you are in the world. Do your best to stay strong and to not give into fear in these turbulent times.

Lines Composed After Meditating in Nature

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.

Wandering effortlessly


With eyes closed and gentle breathing


I allow myself to relax


Enveloped in the warm embrace


Of the stillness around me


As the world disappears


Awakening within me


Indescribable emotions


Time does not exist here


Where my mind has gone


Wings on which imagination sails


Not bound by space or limits


Going anywhere it pleases


Until I emerge from this state


Peaceful and at ease

Ode to My Muse

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.


Whether awake or asleep


My muse does creep


Down the many corridors of the mind


Wondering where to find


Things that may capture and stimulate


Senses urging me to create


All things from the heart


Through the medium of art


My soul alight


With the wish to write


Words unable to be spoken


To help the lost and broken


So they may belong


In a society where creativity is wrong


This duty I take up with reverence


For I feel it is the essence


Of who I am at the core


Hearing the call louder than before

The Gateway to Writing

How did I come to be a writer?

I can’t quite recall when I first started to try writing, but I think fanfiction was the gateway, if you will, to what I now do.

This happened six years ago and has helped me with my writing immensely. Since 2017, after a hiatus of two years, I have written some stories and poetry inspired by my favorite books and movies; the Anne of Green Gables series is one of my current fandoms at the moment.

If you’d like to check out my work, you can do so at this link.

Happy reading!

Thoughts on Inspiration

Good evening and happy Sunday.


Let’s see… what musings have I got for you today? Well, since I wrote about starting my first book, I thought “How about a post on inspiration?”


What is inspiration? Sure there are many definitions I can use to explain my point, but I prefer to be an out-of-the-box thinker, if you will, instead of using someone else’s interpretation.


To me, inspiration means being immersed in deep thought or out in nature where, upon allowing my mind to become quiet, words come and form themselves into sentences that are later written down. Music  is also one of the muses who stimulates my intellectual senses. I’m also a huge tea and coffee drinker and, while this paints me as a stereotypical author or other creative soul, I don’t think you can call yourself a writer if you haven’t got a cup of either nearby. This may be a bit of a stretch but you get the idea.


I think that, as a writer, it’s important not to let the writing be forced; sometimes what I do is I step back for a few days until I feel the need to continue something. Writing essays and things of that nature were a different story and didn’t allow for this kind of process. I suppose there is a truth to the saying that things should be written from the heart and I’m starting to see this for myself; lately I’ve been gravitating toward being truly more authentic and have stopped caring what others think about me. I know from personal experience that if you overthink and force the words to come, it doesn’t work and it’s not as much fun.


Why do I write? I write because my soul longs to create; it is a driving force for what I do and gives me a sense of fulfillment knowing I put something out there that resonates with people. I write because it is my passion and because it is one of my aspirations. I write because perhaps my words may reach someone who needs to be uplifted or because they may encourage contemplation for anyone reading.

That’s all for today, folks. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your morning, afternoon, or evening depending on where you are in the world.

The Earth’s Book

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.

Many tomes contain

Pages that yellow and remain

Classified as rare

Very few seem to care

One always open and ever-changing

Is nature carefully arranging

Varying hues of color

To appear different than before

Each picture shows every day

What she has taken time to display

Winter, spring, summer, and fall

All hear the call

To engage with what they know

As her peace and flow

When all senses are in tune

That is her way to commune

With all who gaze upon

The new dawn

A new chapter in the book

Always permitting us to look

Until something new arrives

To dazzle and bewilder our eyes


Those of you who have been following since the inception of what is now my blog know I am a bookworm and an aspiring writer. After some time, I have decided to write a post concerning something I’m personally working on and have wanted to do for a while.


Drum roll, please…. I have started my first book.


This is something I have always dreamed of doing, but I never had a clear idea of what I wanted it to be about; I always was fascinated with what we term fantasy and wanted my particular book to be within that genre. What we call science fiction has also been incorporated into it as well.


As those of you following me know, I was never a big sci-fi fan until I read Anne McCaffrey last year; I have also warmed up to Star Wars after watching the first two episodes. Back to the Future and the work of Nikola Tesla have also been responsible for this work.


I heard of Nikola Tesla but never understood his inventions until this year when I learned about the suppressed technology we may see in the future; I also really like the concept of time travel and wanted to write a story based off of that.


I am excited for this project and am looking forward to sharing updates about when it is officially published and where it will be available. I won’t spoil it too much because I’m still working out the details, but I hope it’s a series that will inspire and uplift people.


I know this isn’t your typical post that you normally see from me because I don’t usually do updates about what’s been going on in my personal life, but I wanted to share because well… this is my space, after all, where all things to do with writing and reading are reserved for this platform.


May you all have a peaceful night or day depending on where you are in the world. Stay strong and do not give into fear.


Dancing Leaves

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.

In the shade beneath

The tree whose canopy

Hides me from view

I hear the wind whisper

Making leaves dance

Before my eyes

Gently swaying

Perfect harmony

I hold one close

Breathing in its crispness

Safe and at peace

Drops of soft rain gently fall

Adding to the music

Created by nature’s orchestra

Each note plucked by invisible hands

Offering a moment of calm

Where the mind becomes quiet

Still and disconnected

From external noise

Reflections on the Cave Called Reality

During these past eighteen months, which have given me ample time to reflect on my personal life and more philosophical matters, various introspections on the nature of what we know to be true about our world have been at the forefront of my mind.

The idea that our reality is a simulation and like a matrix has been one I’ve personally been thinking about lately while I’ve been in this process of becoming more aware. As I wrote in my post about the juxtaposition I made between our world and Carroll’s wonderland, I touched upon how everything we know has been flipped around by controllers; it’s not something I dwell on too much because it would lead me to overthink and would cause more anxiety than is necessary. I never read the book till last year because it never made sense, but then again…. what even does make sense anymore? If you look at the current state of things, everything defies logic and nothing works as how we’ve been made to think it should.

I have also come to the realization that, because we truly don’t know the real nature of the world due to the aforementioned manipulators who have kept it hidden from us, I have entertained the notion that this world is like that of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

What if we, the prisoners like those in the cave, are living in a simulated reality that appears real but, in fact, has been created? Next, let’s consider that, outside of this false construct, is the real world that’s devoid of all else that isn’t authentic, true, or genuine. Like the prisoners trapped in the cave with only the fire that reflects the passing shadows of those beyond the cave’s wall, we have no idea that there could be another world outside because we only know this false environment. Perhaps, then, what if Plato was talking about how, when it comes to opening the mind to different possibilities, we aren’t comfortable with coming to grips with the truth and would rather be in our self-constructed cocoon of denial because we feel safe and secure like the prisoner who is unaccustomed to seeing sunlight when stepping out for the first time?

Obviously there isn’t an easy answer because this is not something that is straightforward to make sense of, but don’t all of us think about what is real and what isn’t at some point or another?

That being said, I leave you with these thoughts for today and hope you all have a peaceful night or day depending on where you are in the world.

Rainbow Acrostic

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.

R: radiating

A: a wide range of color

I: iridescent

N: nature’s artistry

B: brought as a sign

O: overhead where hues

W: wash the sky with indescribable brilliance

Coffee Acrostic

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by amy manner of means.


C: colliding flavors


O: one of my favorite beverages


F: fragrant


F: finely crafted


E: engages intellectual conversation


E: enhances my creativity

A Poem to the Universe

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.


In a time of confusion


Where all is illusion


Help those struggling to see


Your never-ending beauty


Extend a light


Toward those in the fight


For the good of all mankind


So we may find


Ourselves living together


In a world changed for the better


Protect the children at all cost


So no more will be lost


To the harshness of hanus crimes


Done by those with evil intent


For whom it is the end times


This, I write, from my heart


I believe a fresh new start


Awaits all who believe


A golden age we can achieve


Winds of change may come calling


Swiftly without stalling


Turning a new page


Setting a new stage

What a Wonderful World

Greetings and happy September.

Because we’re currently in turbulent times where there’s a lot of fear and negativity ramping up, I thought I’d help to ease the anxiety many are experiencing by sharing a song that reminds us to look around at the beauty of this world. It’s one of my personal favorite tunes, and I hope it lifts your spirits and helps you navigate this crazy reality.


September Acrostic

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.



S: silently she creeps


E: enveloping the world


P: permeating the landscape


T: turning it into a beholding sight


E: elegantly selecting


M: multiple colors


B: brushing with careful strokes


E: expertly crafted


R: revered for her work

The Quest Toward Understanding

 Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.

Slowly I untangle

The nature of the universe

Casting away old beliefs

What once was fact

Now proves to be false

Complex queries made

By the thinking mind

Confused and unsure

I begin the walk

Down the long path


Wanting to know the truth

Nothing seems real

All appears corrupted

Carefully I tread

Lest I should stray

From my quest to understand

What I know exists

Buried somewhere beneath

Heaps of rubble hiding

Glints of light

Pointing the way toward comprehension

Of the world’s true operation

Alone I forge deeper

Toward this luminescence

Motivated and encouraged

Learning shall guide me

Aiding in  uncovering the key

To unlock what makes humanity

Sovereign and free

The Doorway into Wonderland

As each day passes, I’m beginning to liken the existence of this world to Lewis Carroll’s wonderland because nothing makes sense and everything is flipped around.


As I mentioned, all you have to do is take stock of how governments and other power structures in society have manipulated and enslaved us. At the beginning of this year, I began to undergo a process of “awakening” pertaining to how everything we know is a lie or has been badly portrayed. All the systems we knew for generations have failed us and we have been lied to about the true nature of the world we live in. Once you begin to slowly unravel the complex knots that have bound society together, it can make you feel confused or, in my case, motivate you to know the real truth.


I’ve always been of an inquisitive mind for as long as I can remember. I used to accept what was told as fact until January of this year. It was during this time that I began to understand human trafficking and how all people in various power structures of society, especially those higher up, are involved. I began to take note of the fact that all of the narratives pushed by the media were in fact propaganda and meant to turn people against each other. I began to realize how historical figures revered for certain accomplishments weren’t at all how the history books presented them. Obviously this is merely the tip of the iceberg because these things are much more deeper than what I’m outlining here, and my goal here isn’t to act like I know everything because I don’t.


I’m a proponent of learning about something for yourself, but books are also something you have to be careful with. The thing about information is that it can be interpreted in so many ways because of the language which sets the tone for everything. It’s also something that is worth being cautious about because it can be written by anyone and isn’t always factual. Many ancient texts as well as ancient methods of medicine and healing have been suppressed from us because those in control don’t want us to know the knowledge of our true origins and what our purpose is here on this earth… I’d go as far as to say these dark entities aren’t human.


It is shocking when you begin to discover that people whom you once admired are involved or take part in pedophilia and the trafficking of adults and children. While this truth is uncomfortable, it is necessary to have the conscious awareness of knowing so you’re not oblivious that something like this exists. This goes for other things as well, and the more you start going down the rabbit holes, the more you realize how much our reality has been inverted. I don’t like the term “awakened” because it implies that people who are aware of certain things that aren’t quite right know more than someone who isn’t on their level, but having these epiphanies truly does make you think about how it really does feel like you’re living in an alternative reality. It’s better to know than to not know at all.


All this leads to my next point. Over the last few months, I’ve been learning about how we’re at the cusp of the dawning of a new era: the Age of Aquarius. For those of you who read my posts in early January, I mentioned how I’d like the world to change for the better, and it really is an exciting time to be alive. Sure my vision of a world where we live in harmony with nature and have more kindness seems idealistic, but I do believe this will be our new world because we’ll be creating it.


The truth is, I don’t want to go back to how my life was before last year. I only wish good for all humanity and to go forward into what may be a beautiful future where we aren’t bogged down by controllers who have created more problems than solutions to help us progress.


Who knows? Maybe this is a wish that may come true for all of us. This would be a great thing to see.


May you all have a peaceful night or day depending on where you are in the world. Stay strong and don’t give into fear.

Musings on Freedom and Truth Part Two

Many ruminations have been filtering through my mind as of late, and I’ve come to some conclusions I’d like to expand upon.


This may seem obvious if you look around, but what we thought to mean freedom was an illusion. Humanity has been enslaved for thousands of eons by dark forces who controlled using very subtle ways of psychological manipulation to make us think we could do anything we want. However, as I’m beginning to see for myself, this world isn’t what it seems.


We don’t have the freedom of thought because we’ve been taught not to learn skills we can use to think for ourselves. Anyone who questions anything that goes against the accepted narrative is deemed crazy and is ridiculed. As I mentioned in part one of this post, critical thinking is very rare these days, and it’s an unfortunate thing to see. The sad fact is that everything is handed to us on a silver platter and we have been conditioned to accept what we have been told as fact thanks to the media which influences and tells us how to think.


Governments use this tactic as well. We’ve been told that authority figures should be respected because they look out for us by pretending they’ve got our best interest at heart. However, this is also a type of brainwashing which has plagued us and, when you start to look at all the systems in our society, this isn’t the case.


Now that I know about how much we’ve been held captive, it all goes to show you that we are merely cogs in the machine which allows more power to be gained when these subtle methods of control are implemented. I’ve  consider myself a critical thinker and I’ve definitely been asking more questions lately, and the fact that we’ve been made to feel victimized in order for various narratives to be pushed is sad.


I also say this because I’m fed up with the lies. Humanity has endured enough from the powers that be who honestly aren’t needed because they haven’t done any good for anyone. If anything it’s the opposite, but I’ll go into more detail in a later post. This may sound like a statement of rebellion on my part, but I’m all about telling things like they are. I’m also not coming from a place of judgment, but I do wish people would question instead of blindly conforming or listening to authority figures who encourage them to do something for their own benefit that isn’t explicitly stated.


To expand on my point further, the more I observe, the more I feel like I’m living as if I’ve gone back in time to World War II. The propaganda around the false narratives surrounding current global events have messed with the human psyche to the point where we have been conditioned to live in fear. However, if you look at this from another angle, we have been made to be this gullible by the aforementioned institutions who use our compliance to their advantage. This isn’t anything new and has been used to indoctrinate us and explains the hatred and division sown by those who portray and present things in a certain light to make people turn against each other, especially in these warlike times.


This isn’t me coming from a place of criticism or bias. I’m learning that you can’t force someone to see the  truth that we aren’t free to make any choices about what type of food is being promoted for our health, what we should know about who we are or where we come from, or what to believe in when it comes to the spiritual aspect of things. We all have free will which can’t be encroached upon with persuasion or force by another person. Not everyone wants to hear the truth and people will believe what they like. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s important to learn and respect this as well. Those of you who follow this blog know I don’t believe what happened last year was how it was told to us.


That being said, to end on an uplifting note, it does give me hope to notice  many protesting against the tyrannical regimes which are doing there best to keep us from standing up. It also is assuring to know that not all people are deeply brainwashed and have the courage to expose the truth of the corruption that has been in our society far too long. It’s not an easy task, especially when there is a lot of cognitive dissonance which prompts these individuals to be silenced. If you have the willingness to see, censorship is a reality of ours that has become more apparent due to those pushing for a greater hold on humanity so we continue to be dumbed down and kept in the dark.


May you all have a peaceful night or day depending on where you are in the world. Remember to stay strong and to not give into fear.


Fourth of July Poem

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.

Take time to honor

The tradition of this day

When freedom and sacrifice

Drove those in power away

During a time of desperation

There birthed a nation

A land of milk and honey

Diverse in culture and race

Our country became a place

For those seeking refuge or better life

Away from conflict and strife

Respect the red, white, and blue

The emblem that waves for you

Proudly with grace flying high

Coloring the azure sky

The stars and stripes present a story

Of liberty, prosperity, and glory

Happy Independence Day to all my followers and readers in the U.S. May your day be filled with peace, smiles, and joy as we commemorate America’s birthday and founding. Here’s a song which sums up the festive atmosphere of this day.


Just Say No: The Song of Our Times

Greetings, my fellow readers, followers, bloggers, and writers.

I was musing about what to talk about for today’s post, and inspiration struck when I heard a song that captures my feelings about the current world situation perfectly. Sometimes music can exactly sum up what you think about a particular feeling or issue in a way words can’t because they can only convey so much. That was the case for me this morning when I listened to this particular track.

The lyrics are very pertinent for our times, and I personally consider it an anthem because of its uplifting message. May it give you courage to say no to the forces who force you to do anything against your will.

Stay strong, don’t give into fear, and have a peaceful day or evening depending on where you are in the world.


Memorial Day Poem

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.


Men and women all around


Protect the sea, air, and ground


Day and night they toil


Guarding America’s soil


Preserving freedom, liberty, and glory


Attributes upon which her story


Catapulted her into fame


A land whose name


Rings with a resounding call


For the flag and all


Around the world as a beacon


Exemplifying liberation and hope


For those wishing to fulfill


Dreams with determination and will


They stand with humble pride


Together side by side


As the guardians of the Constitution


That was the solution


To end tyranny and dominion


Of the people whose opinion


To be independent came like a voice


A song which was the light


Driving out the darkness weakening their might


Many thanks we give


To those who have lived and live


Putting their lives on the line


Treasuring what makes our country divine


To all those who have served and are serving, thank you for all that you do each day to protect America and its freedom.

Happy Day to My Blog

Hello to all my fellow bookworms, writers, and bloggers.


I come to you on this glorious Sunday evening with an update that is long overdue.


It feels like forever since I last wrote a post, and tonight’s particular update is especially wonderful because it’s my third-year anniversary of being on this site. I never thought I’d be blogging for three years or that people would be interested in reading the fragments that are the thoughts which occupy the limited space of my mind. Yet here I am, three years later, with an intention to keep on doing what I do.


Three years doesn’t seem like a lot, but I can humbly say I’ve definitely evolved in the subject matter for this blog. When I first started out, my initial thought was merely focusing on my appreciation for books and literature, but then I decided to expand this idea by experimenting with writing poems and sharing them here. I have also tried my hand at writing about other matters which has proven to be cathartic, especially last year. That being said, I will continue to include more introspective and philosophical topics here because I find the material to be quite enjoyable to write about; I also want others who have the same beleifs or perspective not to feel alone or out of place in this world because of their particular views on more abstract concepts appertaining to intelligent conversation.


To my readers and followers, words are not enough to describe the amount of encouragement your positive feedback gives me. I am forever grateful for your support and hope you will stay along for the ride as more comes.


I invite each of you to partake in this joyful celebration with a piece of cake and a cup of warm tea, hot chocolate, or coffee.. anything that suits your fancy.


May you all have a peaceful night or day depending on where you are in the world.

Icicles Acrostic

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.


I: indescribable majesty

C: collected drops of water

I: innumerable

C: clinging to the branches

L: lifelike

E: enrapturing

S: spectators of nature’s show

An Unknown Path

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s prCopyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.

Walking on the shore

Soft sand crunches

Beneath my shoes as I wander

Over scattered shells

Animals that once were

Left their by the tide

Who deposits all it can find

The sea with its resounding roar

Begins speaking to my soul

In a voice that says

“Be like water and explore

Uncharted territories directed

By the course of your own choosing”

This, alone is something I shape

Carving a path through the wilderness

Of normality and expectation

Doggedly determined

I go on ahead

Looking only forward

With the sun and wind as friends

I know not where this road ends

Uncertain and afraid

I step forward with caution

Careful not to stray and get lost

On this journey I have begun

An Era of Transformation

Greetings, my fellow writers and bookworms.

I’m back with another thought-provoking post. This time it’s about the concept of resilience and my belief that things will take a turn for the better.

With the world being in a state of negativity, it’s understandable to think there’s no hope left and that things can only get worse. Lately I’ve been thinking about how it’s disconcerting to draw parallels between last year’s events and the Holocaust. Both events were politically planned and, while there are some differences, the way we’re treating humans is still the same albeit with different methods.

I mention this particular period in history because there’s a lesson we can learn from the survivors who endured horrific conditions and still managed to have faith in humanity. This response to such an experience is proof that the human spirit can overcome any obstacle if it chooses to be resilient. Unpleasant situations help us grow stronger so we can face life head-on.

This is a skill I’ve personally learned from various ordeals in order to adapt to a world that wasn’t designed for the disabled. Reading has also been crucial in teaching me this lesson because there are many works of literature which support the fact that, no matter what life throws at us, we have the choice to respond by accepting and learning or ignoring what these challenges teach us.

As I mentioned in my first post for the year, I am of the opinion that the world needs to change. We must put an end to the psychological manipulation that has plagued us for centuries. It’s time to put a stop to indoctrination and to start learning the truth. It’s time for those partaking in acts of corruption and villainy pertaining to human trafficking and pedophilia to be put in their right place once and for all. It’s time to see an era of peace rather than one of so-called foreign wars and conflicts created by those in government.

Moreover, I do think things will get better for the world as a whole. This remains to be seen but the future is bright. I have a feeling good will emerge victorious.

Musings on Freedom and Truth

Hello to my fellow bookworms and writers.


Today’s post is about some introspective musings I’ve had over the past month or so regarding freedom and truth.


There are many ways one can describe freedom. To some, freedom means the right to do anything which brings one joy and happiness. Others may see freedom as the right to say whatever they wish which allows opinions to be expressed freely.


I define freedom as an individual’s right to show their individuality through various forms of self-expression which can include music, painting, writing, poetry, or dance. I’m a proponent of allowing people to exhibit their unique talents because everyone should be able to display whatever sets them apart from the crowd, provided what they do isn’t offensive or irritating to others.


But here’s the big question philosophers have tried to answer over the ages. Are humans truly free to express themselves and to fulfill their dreams? Are we truly able to show the world who we are without facing judgment or backlash because of our viewpoints? Is this concept anything more than an illusion, or does it truly exist?


Many of the basic freedoms we took for granted have been taken away from us by powerholders who have restricted where we can go and with whom we can interact. While this self-isolation has put a strain on our mental health and emotions, there is something good that has come out of it. It has allowed us to take stock of the simple things in life. I know that for me, personally, it’s definitely made me more aware about how we live in a world of illusions, and I’ve definitely started to question everything I’ve been taught more deeply.


That being said, I’ve also been contemplating the significance of truth. We live in an age of misinformation and disinformation which are the invisible projectiles launched at us from every direction. It’s important now more than ever to possess critical thinking which, I’m afraid, is something that’s diminishing. It’s difficult to believe anything now, especially when it comes from the Internet because all news, in my opinion, is biased in some way or another. It can be difficult to discern between fiction and reality because of the headlines which immediately catch our eye. These titles can be misleading and, in most cases, are stories classified as fake news.


The bottom line is to take everything you read with a grain of salt. It’s up to us to formulate our own conclusions about what is being presented; from there our own theories and hypotheses can be formed and tested to see if the pieces come together in the mosaic of logic, deductive reasoning, and analysis.



My Wish for the New Year

I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions. I’m personally of the opinion that to set goals for the upcoming year like getting more into shape and hitting the gym are ridiculous because they don’t last the entire year. I do, however, believe each day and year gives one time to work on improving oneself. That being said, I have one wish for this year. I wish for the world to become better.

Let’s be honest, 2020 was a tough year. I won’t go into the particulars because many of you know and there’s enough negativity and fear as it is. I would like to see things take a turn for the better both politically and socially. I would like to see an end to all the corruption and psychological manipulation which have reached their limits. I’d like to see world peace, more kindness, and less hatred. I’d also like to perhaps try and read all the books currently on my Goodreads bookshelf. I’m also going to continue practicing kindness, broadening my perspective, and sharpening my listening skills because those things can always be worked on.

I’d like to wish each of you a belated welcome for 2021. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for this year to be much more brighter and optimistic than the prior one.

Do not despair, for while things are bleak at present, there is a tiny glimmer on the horizon and good will prevail in due time.

A Christmas Poem

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.

May this joyful time of year

Bring an abundance of cheer

Delightful mirth and food

Is sure to lift your spirit

Use not this time for any reason

To be unkind this holiday season

Share a smile and remember

On this twenty-fifth of December

Joy is found

In the eyes of the awestruck child

Who opens their presents with glee

Underneath the trimmed tree

Let this day be one of peace

Hold on to hope and do not cease

To dream and be merry

With time the world will be less scary

The Peaceful Brooke

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.


She laughs with mirth


A child of earth


Carving its way over stones


Forging a path


Unknown directions


Silently in the wood


She tells me to hearken


Her voice a distant memory


Speaking in a language I know not


Plop, plop, plop


Goes each drop


Of rushing water trickling past


My attention is entranced


This sight fills me with peace


Hoping the feeling will not cease


I sit beside the bank


Quiet and silent


Allowing myself to give in


To her soothing tone


A gentle lullaby


Thanksgiving 2020

Since today is Thanksgiving here in the United States, I thought it’d be appropriate to take note of all the things I’m thankful for. 2020 has been a rough year for all of us, but there are still many things to appreciate.

I’m thankful for books, tea, coffee, a supportive system of friends and family, music, the beauty of nature, and for writing. I’m especially thankful for this blog and for all of you who take the time to read what I have to say. I appreciate the positive feedback very much, and would not be here if it weren’t for your support. That being said, I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with good food, time with family, and laughter.

My Journey into the Realm of Science Fiction

I used to think science fiction was a ridiculous genre filled with books about robots, zombies, and dystopian societies with unrealistic plots. I also found it was overhyped and stayed away from anything having to do with the aforementioned things above. I suppose the same could be said for those of us who are fans of the fantasy genre. Perhaps this may also be the reason for why I don’t see movies in this category; the only exception to this, of course, is Back to the Future.

After reading The Coelura by Anne Mccaffrey, my perception of the genre changed. For those of you who don’t know this writer, she is well-known for the renowned Dragons of Pern series which is among the books currently on my Goodreads bookshelf. I’m also planning to read the Discworld series, some of Jules Vern’s work, and Ray Bradbury to name but a few authors.

If I’m being completely honest, I was hesitant about this genre because I never gave science fiction a chance. If the writing is good and if the world is realistic, then I won’t object to reading it.

I’m looking forward to embarking on this adventure to places I have not yet been. Who knows? Maybe I will go to a galaxy far far away.

A Mixture of Emotions

To feel emotions means conveying what is often concealed in the heart.

We’re all feeling a range of emotions right now during these challenging times: uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and confusion. I am a firm believer that to feel these and other feelings allows us to be vulnerable which lets us open up what we often keep hidden away for fear of being seen as weak.

Experiencing various emotions can be cathartic, especially when faced with a situation where feeling a certain way can be an appropriate response. To elaborate, because of the situation in which we currently find ourselves, feeling uncertain and confused means you are able to feel so for valid reasons.

During this ordeal, I’ve kept myself occupied by reading, trying my hand at painting, and listening to music. I’ve also found books to be a port in this storm; literature can definitely provide an escape, especially when there’s so much going on at once.

Talking to someone who will listen is also therapeutic. It definitely allows you to feel in a safe place because you don’t feel obligated to apologize for ranting or for releasing pent-up emotions. If you’re lucky, there are people who are able to listen without judgment which is a rare thing to find these days.

I remind myself that there is a light beyond this darkness. I cling to the belief that, somewhere on the horizon, a glimmer of hope is out there.

May this post provide a sliver of optimism; let’s do the best we can to overcome this obstacle 2020 has thrown at us.

Ode to Tea

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.


It gives me great delight


When every morning, noon, and night


I sit with my tea


The perfect drink for me


So many varieties to choose


To take with sugar, milk, or lemon juice




I call it the intellectual’s drink


It can make one think


Deeply with contemplation


My preferred beverage for stimulating conversation


When the kettle does sing


It can only mean one thing


Time for a cup of happiness


Which fills my soul with gladness


Stitched in the Mosaic of Stars

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.

Stories of the past


Held in the stars


Intertwining threads of burning light


Pictures frozen in time


Telltale shapes


Appearing as if on cue


On the empty stage to perform


Their nightly ritual of exposing themselves


Freely from judgmental glances


Given by those who look with disdain


Above at the rising curtain


As the firmament opens


To reveal picturesque perfection


A scene painted for nature’s admirers


Rarely is their beauty seen by most


Save for those who stop to look


Like the sailor and way finder


Who see them as friends


With eyes unseen they observe


Gazing upon the boats down below


Steered by oars slicing through water


Fulfilling their duty as guides


Directing them on the right path toward home


The telescope points toward the sky


The astronomer looks on in bewilderment


For it is his life’s work


To find an answer and connection


Between us and these silent watchers of the night


The lovers hold hands with enraptured wonder


At the portrait painted before their eyes


A tapestry into which timeless majesty is woven


Made by the celestial figures who work with diligence


Carefully and with precision


Presenting the final product for anyone wanting to marvel


At their craftsmanship and handywork


The painter arrives with his canvas


Ready to exercise his talent


Of creating a masterpiece of color


The quiet sounds of the crickets humming their tune


Envelop him in night’s velvet cloak


The philosopher comes with his books


Sitting beneath an oak tree


Curiously contemplating


Life’s mysteries through nature’s lense


Pondering in deep thought


Plaguing enquiries which lead him to ask


How these deities of the sky


Cooperate without difficulty or fuss


Wishing humans on earth could learn these traits


He then questions, like the astronomer,


If we are similar


Stitched into the fabric of society and space


By unseen threads which interconnect


To see beyond an exterior


Means to learn not to disparage or judge


How something may appear


Sometimes where splendor is found


Is not always apparent or clear


They rise with the moon


Night is their time


Only belonging to them


In a soft whisper they call


To the child lying abed


While the starlight overhead


Beckons them forth with its dazzling display


To stand before the window


On their lips a silent dream


Audible to the listeners


Sending out glimmering beacons of hope


Ignited by a fire in the child’s heart


Aflame and blazing brightly


For a boy or girl to see


An aspiration becoming reality



Returning to Yesterday

Copyright Notice: The premise of this poem was inspired by the song Ride which belongs to Adrien Von Ziegler. This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.

Saddle your horse and ride


To the place of pride


Where you were once a child inside


To the rivers and streams


Where you spoke your dreams


To the brook and bird


Who said not a word


Gaze at the sky and question why


The leaves float by


On a wind that carries them far


Past the sun and star


Observe with eyes and ears


The sky’s endless tears


As she weeps o’er the plain


Bringing the fresh scent of rain


Look on with delight


As the day turns to twilight


Feel in your heart the glee


Of when you were carefree


Knowing only nature’s friends


Whom she sends


Out to find


The child left behind


Cast into the depths and left


Lonely, neglected, and bereft


Of the essence of being

The boy and girl who longed

To skip rocks by the pond


When seeing flowers with butterflies


Filled your eyes with surprise


Remember who you once were


Return to that sense of self


When you weren’t a puppet on a string


Who was made to sing


Or play along


To society’s conformity song

An Enquiry to the Silent Traveler

Copyright Notice: The premise of this poem was inspired by the song All of the Stars which belongs to Ed Sheeran. This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.


One by one they shine


A splendor so divine


Let me sit by a pine


To look up at the navy blue


And ponder if it is true


If these beings can align


Or show us who we are


Simple yet profound


These burning balls can be found


Wherever the traveler or adventurer roams


What answer do they hold?


Can destiny really be told


In the eyes or faces


Who hide among the clouds


Sought for in unexpected places?

Silently I glance up


Comfort descends upon me


Illuminated by the light


Lancing down from the firmament


Calm and tranquil


A smile graces my lips


As I reflect on the cosmos


And its astounding mystery

Pollyanna Book Review

Recently I read the 1913 children’s book Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter. I have never picked up or heard of this book until I saw it on one of my friend’s Goodreads lists.

It was a delightful story about an orphan girl who always finds things to be glad about; in some ways it’s similar to Anne of Green Gables but there are some differences.

I thought the characterization was well-done and that Porter was able to capture the main character’s enthusiasm for life very well. The message was also something which is much needed now: there’s always something to be glad about.

Of course sometimes it’s difficult to be glad in certain situations where it may seem as if the clouds will never DISPERSE, but it is important to remember that there are people who have it much worse. I’ve read enough classic children’s books to be amazed by how some of their messages are still pertinent today. That goes for any classic book, poet, or writer whose words withstand the test of time.

Lost in the Silence

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.


The cool breeze whispers


Birds sing their evening tune


Softly to the setting sun


Who lays her head to rest each day


Before the moon comes out to play


A sudden silence engulfs me


As I listen to the sweet serenity


Of the world as it settles to sleep


Before the new day which doth creep


Over the mountains and plains


On silent feet without a sound


She arrives toward the sky


Where she spreads her arms high


Filling the heavens with a colorful surprise


Like actors on stage who wait for a cue


The sunrise then appears for me and you


A Picture by Nature’s Hand

Copyright Notice: This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.


The colors of nature shine


As if to smile upon me


She hides her shroud during the day


Before night’s temporary stay


The world born anew


She does not hesitate to show you


The picture she has drawn


Awaking with the dawn


The skies are aglow


With a mosaic of melded color


When the lark awakes and sings her song


Each of her kin respond in jubilant strains


Soaring along the bright sky


For they see the hand


That paints a new painting each morn


Donning her cap and gown


A figure of mystery


Taking the merry path down


To where the stream gaily sings


Where she sits to carefully select


The tone that pleases her eye


For all animals and man to see


The Fairy Meadow

Copyright Notice: The premise of this poem was inspired by the song The Fairy Meadow which belongs to Derek and Brandon Fiechter. This poem is the author’s property and may not be distributed or reproduced by any manner of means.


Down by the water’s edge


Where the trees stand close


A fairy meadow lies in the shade


Of a verdant forest glade


Among the mushrooms they dance


Secluded in their own haven


Where all through the day


They laugh and play


The elf, dwarf, and faun


Are invited along


To partake in being merry


Bringing all the flowers they can carry


“Join us,” they say with joy


To every little girl and boy


“We will show you are land


Where we dance hand in hand


Listen to the musician with the harp


Whose music lifts the soul


Stay awhile and see


This world where one can be carefree”


Then at night when the moonlight


Washes the water with her radiant glow


All creatures don a crown


Made of moss and thistledown


The animals of the forest awake


What a wonderful sound they make


With instruments that play an enchanting song


Toot, toot, boom, bong


“Come, little one


Look at the setting sun


This is how we welcome in the evening


When the day is done


When you are in bed


Resting your head


Do not despair or dread going to sleep


For when you wake on the morrow


You will see us again


Splashing in the rain


With nary a sound


Save for the call only you can hear


Speaking in your heart


To go back to Fairy Meadow


A place for any child


Who hears the voice of the wild”